Heritage Family Church:


Greetings to you in Jesus’ Name!


You well know the challenges we are faced with at this time. There are financial, family, vocational, and spiritual challenges. This is an unprecedented time.


There will be set forth here some stringent requirements...please understand these are not what we “want” to do, but what we feel is prudent to maintain a favorable image in the community as well as lessen the chance anyone here could become sick as a result of being in Church. If these rules are followed, which I expect they will be, I believe the chance for sickness contracted or spread at the Church are greatly minimized, if not nullified.


We are endeavoring to adapt in such a way as to please God and keep everyone as safe as possible.


I am encouraging anyone who is unsure of coming, to stay at home, especially the elders and those with underlying health issues.


In light of this, here is the schedule and plan for tomorrow, Sunday, March 22.


These are changes from the original plan we offered on Monday evening, due to the governor exempting Churches. The governor’s executive order will be posted on the door of the Church.


We will have service at 10am and 2pm. You will be assigned to come one of those times via text as Team A or Team B. We will be having service in the sanctuary and fellowship hall simultaneously. Team A will come to the sanctuary and use the main foyer entrance on the east side of the building. Team B will use the furthest West Door entrance to the Fellowship Hall located by the garage.


Please travel as a family in ONE vehicle. Carpooling is important so it does not appear there are too many people in the building to be in compliance.


Also, we strongly encourage you to use the restroom prior to coming to Church. This is not because we are out of toilet paper!!! This will lessen the chance for a communicable sickness.


Also, please sneeze or cough into the bend of your elbow...not your hand and certainly not into thin air.




HERITAGE FAMILY CHURCH GUIDELINES FOR COMPLIANCE WITH STATE CHURCH SERVICE REQUIREMENTS; while at the same time endeavoring to comply with the Scriptural mandate of “…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together…” (Hebrews 10:25)


It is our desire and intention to abide by the recommendations of the State for conducting church services during the current Coronavirus crisis.  In doing so, we expect all church attendees to abide by the following rules:


  1. Co-habiting families will sit together, but must be at least six feet from other individuals, or co-habiting families.  Ushers will be assisting in meeting this requirement as soon as you arrive for service.  Once you are assigned seating, that will be where you are to sit, at all times, in every service. This includes pre-service prayer, worship service, preaching and altar service. We will seat your guests as close to you as possible. I advise you make the guest(s) aware of the social distancing before their arrival.


  1. It should be obvious in the distancing required in item #1, but in order to emphasize the discontinuance of this activity that is so common among us, we are stating it very clearly here: there must be no hand shaking or hugging at any time while on the church premises.


  1. We will provide audio streaming of the services for those who are not present and have a valid reason for their absence.


  1. The water fountains will be turned off and will be off limits.  You may bring a small personal bottle of water with you to church.  Bottled water will not be provided by the church.


  1. The following restrictions will be placed on bathroom visits:

    Sanctuary bathrooms: No more than 2 in restroom at one time.

(Ushers will be monitoring these restrictions.  Please abide by their instructions.)


  1. We will dismiss you from service in an orderly manner, row by row, with the assistance of the Ushers. Make sure you take everything back home that you came with, including used Kleenex. Do not linger in the building, nor socialize on the parking lot.


  1. Please keep six feet away from others at all times, whether inside or outside of the church.


  1. Everyone entering the church will have their temperature checked.  Anyone with a fever (100 or above) will not be allowed to stay.


  1. Other directives will be given as needed at church.


I am sorry we are all faced with this, however I have not lost faith in our Great GOD!


God Bless and Keep You,